TicketPro confirms Burna Boy’s SA concert cancelled as Nigerian artist scheduled to perform in Bahamas on same day

Burna Boy has cancelled his FNB Stadium show. Picture: Instagram/@burnaboygram

Burna Boy has cancelled his FNB Stadium show. Picture: Instagram/@burnaboygram

Published Nov 14, 2023


Nigerian megastar Burna Boy on December 16 will be performing at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre in Nassau Bahamas as opposed to Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Grammy award-winning artist was meant to perform on September 23 at FNB stadium, but due to pending legal proceedings, the event was postponed to December 16.

It seems those who had a glimpse of hope that Burna Boy would perform in the country might as well squash it, as he will be performing in the Bahamas, according to his tour schedule on his website.

TicketPro’s Mandy Claassen confirmed to The Sowetan that ticket refunds had taken place for those who had purchased tickets.

“The moment that announcement was made that Burna Boy was not coming, we started refunding people. We announced that they can get a refund, it’s an automatic refund. The people that paid manually had to request a refund.”

TicketPro at the time of the announcement that the concert was cancelled, said that it would be refunding customers.

The flopped concert saw Sedote Nwachukwu, who is the CEO of entertainment company Ternary Media Group, the organisers of the show and his business partner, Gregory Wings, embroiled in an ugly public dispute in which both parties have accused each other of fraud.

US-born Nwachukwu is said to have left South Africa after Wings opened a case against him at the Sandton police station after allegedly scamming his business partner.

The Burna Boy FNB Stadium concert fiasco is certainly one of the scandals of 2023, with its dodgy music listening show, sketchy concert promotions, theft allegations and ultimately being cancelled.

Hopefully if Burna Boy does return to South Africa in 2024, a reputable promoter will handle the concert.